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Latest Play Room News

All of the children within the nursery have been developing new self-care skills to support them with their transitions to the next room ready for next term.  These skills include drinking from an open top cup, feeding themselves consistently using a knife and fork, able to locate and put on their own coat and shoes as well as self-confidence and awareness when participating in group activities.  We have seen the children making excellent progress in these areas.

The under 2’s have been using their senses whilst exploring a series of different textured messy materials, some of these include shaving foam, gloop and body painting.  The children use different tools to make marks whether it is their fingers, paint brushes, cars etc and observe the marks they have made.  Practitioners support the children by modelling new words such as textures, colours and naming objects to support language development.

With the weather becoming warmer the children have been accessing the garden more frequently and developing their gross motor skills on the climbing equipment, bikes and through ball games.

The 2-3 year olds have been developing their turn taking and interactions with others through small group games, a favourite of theirs has been the listening bingo and orchard tree games.   The children have been engaging in activities around capacity and weight, learning lots of new mathematical language and problem-solving skills.  The practitioners have also been supporting the children with holding and using mark making implements and they are beginning to make marks to represent their names. 

The pre-school rooms have been focusing on their school readiness skills through activities such as PE where the children have been fantastic at getting themselves changed and keeping their belongings together.   They have been using their imaginations to tell their own stories and use puppets and props alongside to enhance the storyline.  The children have also been practising their phonic sounds and forming letters from their names and other familiar words.

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